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First let's talk about price, then let's talk about tires.

RocketTown Honda will do the shopping for you.  We find the tire deals, and pass along the savings.  You pay only $10 over our cost!!!

Everybody wants to know they aren't paying too much. Since we started selling tires for most makes and models of cars, we are seeing more and more people do their pricing research and come back to us to make their purchase.

Now that you don't have to worry about getting a great deal, let's talk about tires!   

Why are good tires important?

The number one reason is safety. Good tires ensure you can maneuver and stop your vehicle as needed. Worn tires are more likely to skid, wobble, pull in one direction, go flat, or cause vehicle instability.

The second reason is fuel economy. Properly inflated and maintained tires will produce better gas mileage, which means you are saving money.

How often do I need to replace my tires?

It depends on the quality of the tire, your driving habits, and how well you keep your tires rotated and wheels aligned. In general, tires should last between 25,000 to 50,000 miles.  If you are in doubt about whether it's time for new tires, stop by and we will inspect them for you.  

How much should I spend on new tires?

Like other purchases, the higher the quality, the higher the price. Generally, the tradeoffs you'll be making are price, mileage, warranty, and noise/comfort level.  When you come to our service department, we will give you the choice of "good" ... "better" ... and "best," and we will explain the differences.   

How do I select the right tires?

The easiest advice is to simply replace your tires with the tires that were on the car when it was new.  Car manufacturers employ engineers who select the perfect tires for each model of vehicle.  If you have special uses, like driving on snow or driving off-road, you might want to purchase special tires for those conditions.  After purchasing a used Honda for sale, you might decide to spend less on your tires. If you decide to branch out, make sure to select the right tire based on:
  • Size: refer to your car's owner's manual or look on the driver's side door jam
  • Terrain: rain, snow, off-road driving
  • Comfort: noise level, smoothness of ride, and overall handling

Again, please remember we will help you find alternatives and explain the differences. 

How do I maintain my tires?

Tire maintenance keeps you safer, extends the life of your tires, ensures optimal fuel economy, and reduces the chance you'll get a flat.

You need to do three things:
  • Tire Rotation - Every 5,000 to 7,000 miles you should have tires rotated to prevent one area from becoming worn while the rest of the tire is perfectly good; you want uniform wear.  Without rotating your tires, you will probably need to replace your tires much earlier than necessary.
  • Wheel Alignment - Improper alignment can cause sections of a tire to get worn out before the rest of the tire surface, and then you will need to replace your tires too soon.  At least once a year, you should have your wheels aligned.  If you notice your car pulling to the right or left, that's a sign the vehicle needs an alignment.  Often when you hit a bump or pot hole, this can cause the car to go out of alignment.  
  • Tire Pressure - You should maintain your tires at the pressure specified by the manufacturer. If tire pressure is too low or too high, your tires will not wear correctly, and may become dangerous to drive. Some cars have onboard computers that monitor tire pressure and let you know when you have an imbalance.  

Buying tires at our used car dealership

The tire experts at RocketTown can help you get exactly the right tire for your needs and budget.  We shop for the best prices and then sell them to you for $10 over our cost with 24-month Road Hazard Protection included at NO extra chargeYou'll get three alternatives - good, better, best.  We will explain the tradeoffs.  And then our factory trained technicians will install them for you.  

Waiting while the work is being done

If you gotta wait, life could be much much worse than waiting in our beautiful clean new building.  You can sit by the fireplace or sit in one of our amazing massage chairs.  Jump on our free wireless Internet service.  And, if you are hungry, you can stop by our little convenience store for a snack or a drink.  



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