How to Select a Body Shop in Lompoc, Santa Maria and Central Coast, CA

There are many body shop options in Lompoc, Santa Maria and along the Central Coast. We wanted to help you learn how to choose the best body shop for your car.

The Cost of Body Shop Work

For Body Shop work, you pay for labor hours and parts replaced.  These can vary widely across shops even in the same town. 

The more qualified the technician, the higher the labor rate, but in many cases, a more highly trained technician can fix your car in less hours and ensure the work is accomplished correctly the first time.    

Very inexpensive parts are used by some shops, but may not last or be designed for your car resulting in early replacement or damage to your car in the long run. 

If your insurance company is paying, they specify the amount they will reimburse a body shop for each kind of repair.

Six Things to Look For in a Body Shop

Whether you or your insurance company is paying, here's six things to look for in a body shop:

  1. Warranty.  Most important in selecting a body shop is to get one that believes in their work enough to warranty it. At minimum you want a year warranty, best to get a lifetime warranty.
  2. Clean and orderly. This may sound crazy. Isn't a body shop filled with dust and paint and spare parts? No, a disciplined body shop team will bring out exactly what is needed to fix a vehicle and clean up afterwards. Body shop work is an exacting science. Your vehicle needs specific parts, accurate fixes, exacting adjustments, and perfectly matching paint. A sloppy shop is likely to do sloppy work!
  3. Certified and honest. I-CAR and ASE certifications are awarded from the top industry training organizations that equip their technicians with the necessary knowledge and skill to achieve complete vehicle repair. Additional certifications from manufacturers add model-specific training and skills. In addition to appropriate training, staff in the body shop should be able to explain in understandable terms what is wrong and how they will fix your vehicle. They should be able to answer all your questions and estimate the time required to complete the work.
  4. Insurance savvy. Since insurance companies pay for most major repairs, the body shop needs to understand how to work with insurance companies. Having a former insurance adjuster on staff will make all the difference in their ability to negotiate the amount of work they will be able to perform on your vehicle, whether they can repair or replace parts, and whether they will be able to use original manufacture part if required. An insurance savvy shop will get you the best result possible.
  5. A-rated reputation.  Nothing speaks to future success as past success. Your neighbors, friends, work colleagues should be able to attest to the work performed by your local body shop. If you don't know anyone who has had work done by the shop you are considering, ask for references.
  6. Experience. There is nothing to replace years of experience. Most body shop technicians started by tinkering with cars as teenagers. They have a sixth sense about what is wrong and the best way to approach fixing it. They then train, achieve certification, and continue to build skills. The best body shop managers came up through the ranks; they have  experience in several areas - metal and plastics, frames, color matching.

Meet the RocketTown Body Shop in Lompoc, CA

The RocketTown Body Shop excels in all these areas.  Technicians are experienced and certified; our manager is an I-CAR certified technician and former insurance adjuster. Our customers are our best salespeople. 

We look forward to welcoming you soon to The RocketTown Body Shop.

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